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Redemption, book II in the Darkscape Books



Darkscape Books:


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Gray overcomes clichés and tired sci-fi tropes to create a remarkably entertaining space-faring romance...." —  Herald of Booklist


In this second book of the Darkscape series, Declan de Douglas has come to Planet Forest to negotiate a trade agreement with Clan MacKendrick during a time of precarious peace. It’s 3211, and Ancient Earth is a distant memory. As a child on Planet Mars, he learned that knowledge means preventative clout, but no education acquired in the Braemar Keep of Clan Douglas could prepare him for the peril that awaits him on this mission.

Princess Fallon MacKendrick is drawn to the Douglas “Savage” from the day he enters the MacKendrick Castle Keep. Her betrothal contract prohibits her from pursuing Declan, a member of an untrustworthy clan, but he stirs her like no other. When he is kidnapped, collared, and sold to a space-age brothel to provide stud service, Fallon infiltrates this high-tech prostitution ring to rescue the haunted man who touched her heart.

Destined to be her lover, Declan is at the mercy of a woman who loves not only his body but his spirit. A product of DNA synthesis, his days are numbered unless his soul accepts the altered state of his physical makeup. Princess Fallon holds his life in her hands, the only woman with the power to save him from his captors . . . and himself.



BEWARE of spoilers for those who have not read the first book, The Rebel Lord.

* * *

. . .Soft footfalls echoed in the hall and Declan pushed off the window frame.

"Dia duit ar maidin," a silky voice purred in welcome from behind him.

 Clasping his hands behind his back, and keeping his profile to her, he nodded respectively.  "Good morning, Princess."  The matrix coldness inside him shifted, black mist clinging to blood, body, and soul, a constant awareness of what he was, and was no longer.  The father would probably castrate him if he dared to touch her.

"You understand the old Irish?"

"Beagán," he replied.  A little.

"You pronounce the word correctly for one who only speaks a little of the ancient language."

"I am a quick learner."

"I am not," she said, and he could feel her smile.  "My mother had a great fondness for the Old Irish language of her ancestors and taught me.  I try to speak it in order to keep her close to me."

"I am sorry for your loss."  He continued to study the outside.

"She died many years ago, but thank you."

Declan felt uncomfortable with her near him.  He had heard rumors of her telekinetic ability, the ability to move objects by psychic force, and planted his feet more firmly.



"...This is a great Sci-Fi Romance book for adults, full of exciting passion, explicit sex, and lots of intergalactic chases… great for romance and Sci-Fi readers." ~Anna del C. Dye


" . . . Thank you for such a great series. Good Sci Fi Romance is so hard to find and when I find one, I'm thrilled."  ~ Jennifer Leeland, reader and author


"... REDEMPTION, the second book in the Darkscape series, is another high-flying, page-turning adventure.  Just as charismatic as his brother Lachlan, Declan easily carries this book with the help of his fiery lady.  He's a dark character, carrying a load of baggage from his past, but with a heart well worth saving.  Though a pampered princess from birth, Fallon has a mind and backbone that are unexpected, not to mention a few secrets of her own.  Together, these two sizzle on the pages as readers root for their happy ending.  The political and familial intrigue continues from the previous tale, THE REBEL LORD, ensnaring Declan and Fallon in its web. A wonderful adventure with a blazing romance, this novel will grab readers from the start as Declan searches for REDEMPTION."  ~ Kathy Samuels, Romance Reviews Today

Darkscape: Redemption receives a reviewer's top pick.  "R. Garland Gray strikes just the right note between romance and science fiction in Darkscape: Redemption . . . I did enjoy this story a great deal and I would be most interested in picking up future stories by this author." ~ Roza of Night Owl Romance


"Gray overcomes clichés and tired sci-fi tropes to create a remarkably entertaining space-faring romance...." — Diana Tixier Herald of Booklist


"... R. Garland Gray provides readers with a super outer space opera."  ~ Harriet Klausner

Author Notes

If you are new to my Darkscape books, welcome.  These notes are for readers of the original release. 

Old 2005 Book

Some of you may remember the series' limited run with a Canadian publisher who went out of business.  To ward off any confusion with the new release, I posted the old 2005 cover at left. Used copies of this book can still be found on some websites.  

The new DARKSCAPE: REDEMPTION  from  Medallion Press is a completely rewritten book and is available on line and in bookstores.


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