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White Fells, book III in the Faery Faith Series



"White Fells is another great hit by R. Garland Gray. Definitely another book to add to the keeper shelf . . ." ~  Night Owl Romance




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White Fells

A formidable warrior of the Tuatha De Danann, Boyden is one of the few born of the idir, the between. With the power to summon the bringer of death in the form of a fey wind, he could kill all living creatures — including an invader seeking vengeance for a wrongful death — but he vows to find another way.

Princess Scota, a confident warrior princess, does not believe in anything fey…until she meets her people's latest captive, a proud male whose defiant nature she cannot tame and, in a twist of fate, becomes captive instead of captor.

Across wind-scored hills and misty woodlands, to the realm of the fey below, theirs is a battle of determination and distrust that, once breached, erupts into a hot and eternal passion. A passion now susceptible to a needful and terrible fey claiming. In a land covered in blood, they battle for a truce between their warring people, one that will threaten their lives and newfound love. In a future offering little choice, Scota knows the survival of their love depends on Boyden learning to submit … willingly.

White Fells


In the dimming light of a long hard day, Boyden examined the bloody gash on his thumb.  Eyes narrowing to slits of pale gray, he glared silent retribution at the sharp ridge of the moss-dappled boulder.  Better suited for a passage grave, he was trying to move it out of the blind druidess’s ever-expanding garden without toppling the prolific growth of stunted hawthorns.  To his right, the gaping ruins of a stone wall sloped down an emerald knoll and curved into oak trees.  Horses stood quietly grazing on three separate hills in the distance, their tails swishing lazily in tranquility.  Bare from the waist up, sweat and dirt covered every inch of him with the day near ending and the boulder not budging.  He looked at his bloody palm and thought, enough for today.

Hiking himself out of the rocky ditch he spent the day digging, he flipped a tawny plait back over his shoulder.  Tomorrow he would borrow a horse from one of the farmers and pitch the animal’s might against the rock.  No task was unconquerable for a warrior of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

 Sucking his throbbing thumb, he walked into the cool shadows of the nearest oak and bent at the waist to avoid several low hanging branches.  He squatted over a black root.  Moving his bronze dagger aside, he grabbed the leather pouch, and brought the lip to his mouth.  The water tasted cool and he finished the remainder in two mouthfuls.  Tossing the empty pouch aside, he looked down at his calloused hands.  They were large, the fingers blunt, and the nails dirty with work from the day.  He blew air out of his lungs, his hands fisting.  At twenty-five summers, he could not shake the embrace of darkness and death clinging to him since birth.  He detested it, detested the way it forced him to remain apart.  Shifting around, he pressed his bare back against the tree trunk and found a comfortable position.  For the moment, he was too exhausted to think or care and with a heavy sigh he closed his eyes and slipped swiftly into a deep sleep.

Little by little, the nightmare crept once more upon him …

White Fells


"WHITE FELLS is a marvelous mix of fantasy and romance. The lilting dialog and lyrical descriptions are in perfect counterpoint with suspenseful action . . ." ~ Romance Junkies

"I just started White Fells last night and it is awesome.  You are really one of my favorite writers.  Your stories are intricate and beautiful with an unexpectedly powerful underlying strength.  To me, all of your books are like amazing pieces of jewelry.  Lovely and awesome."   ~ Mary Beth Bass, romance author, 


Five Hearts! Excellent

"... WHITE FELLS is truly one of Ms. Gray’s exceptional works and this reviewer is hungering for more! Each page is definitely a roller coaster of a ride with many dips and turns as the reader is on a fast path with Boyden and Scota.  Feel the fire of this Fey Wind and journey with Boyden and Scota as they find that destiny will not wait for the “right” time!   Run to grab this mesmerizing story and be awed by Ms. Gray’s wonderful writing."  ~ Dawn, Love Romances


4.5/5  A Book I Would Keep On My Shelf/Lifetime Keeper!

"White Fells is another great hit by R. Garland Gray. Definitely another book to add to the keeper shelf . . ." ~  Night Owl Romance


" . . .Fans will appreciate WHITE FELLS as the hero provides a quiet message that with great power comes even greater responsibility not to arbitrarily wield it at every alleged insult. R. Garland Gray provides another exciting read." ~  Harriet Klausner,


" . . . An enjoyable blend of romance and paranormal, this story has something for everyone. . ." ~  Romantic Times BOOKclub magazine


". . . Gray builds a world filled with the beauty and magic of the fey that’s plunged into the unexpected danger and turmoil of battle. An enchanting fantasy where there’s mayhem at every turn, and a searing passion that won’t be denied." ~ Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


"This is an erotic swords and wizards novel based on Gaelic background....  For those who like their fantasies based around relationships rather than magical tricks and quest barriers, they will find enjoyment with this tale.  Definitely R+ rated... a worthwhile read.  We rated it 4 hearts.  ~ Heartland Reviews

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